Dog Boarding and Sitting

New York Pet BoardingWhen you’re leaving New York, one of your biggest concerns is what you’ll do with your dog. At NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC, we offer two services for your dog that can be better than any larger business can offer you. We can stay at your home (overnight) to watch your dog in their environment, or we can take your dog into our home—either way, they’ll be getting more care, love, and attention than any large kennel is able to provide.

If your dog is older, ill, or has any other problems that need attention, our personalized care is ideal and highly valuable. We can offer your pet the exact care that it needs, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that he or she is as happy and comfortable as possible while you’re away. We know that your dog is an important part of your family, and our operation is small enough that he or she can become a part of ours as well.

Don’t resort to leaving your dog in a kennel! Consider the Pet Boarding Services offered at NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC as the best alternative there is.


Your Pet. Our Home.

Our dog boarding services are exclusive, very rare, and highly valuable. We never crate any dogs. The dog is brought into our home, and we offer pick-up and drop-off services free of charge during our standard operating hours. Your dog has access to our yard at all times, and he or she will be walked twice daily.

Because we are a purposely small operation—that’s how we’re able to offer personalized services for your pets—we may have difficulty with pet boarding if we’re not given advance notice. We do recommend that you call to schedule the boarding at least one week in advance. Our standard operating hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, and there will be no additional charge for pick up or drop-off services within those hours.

We also offer discounted rates for NYC households with more than one dog.


Why Not Use a Crate?

Crates are much more frequently used for dogs now than they were 20 years ago, and most of the time, they’re used humanely. However, if your dog isn’t conditioned from a young age to use a crate, it can be a very uncomfortable and upsetting experience.

Most large kennels will crate dogs, just because of the sheer volume of dogs they see each day. Unfortunately, also because of the large amount of dogs they work with, they are unable to give them the attention they need, and dogs can become very anxious in their crates without the professionals watching them ever being able to notice.

Our dog sitting services give you the advantage of having a real person watch your dog, one-on-one, while your away from NYC, and we’ll make sure that he or she is as happy and healthy as possible the entire time you’re gone.


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If you are looking for Pet Boarding Services then please call 917-225-6705 or complete our online request form.