About Our New York Pet Care Services

At NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC, we understand how busy and fast-paced your New York life is, and our goal is to help you make sure that your pet is still able to get the care and the exercise that it needs to have a happy and healthy life. From dog walking to cat sitting, you can depend on us to give you completely personalized, caring services, and keep your pet happy, healthy, and well-behaved.


Dog Walking


New York Dog WalkingMost experts recommend that your dog gets to take a walk at least once a day, but with your busy schedule, that can be hard to pull off. In New York, it can be difficult to find time to walk your dog, and it’s unlikely that you have the space it needs in a yard to roam and to play. Our services will make sure that you’re able to get your dog the most exercise possible, and that can have a number of benefits.

If your dog seems to have low energy, or if it’s overly energetic or disobedient, our professional dog walker services can help!
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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting New York

While it’s okay for dogs to stay in kennels most of the time, cats are very wary of new environments, and they can become extremely anxious if their regular schedules are disrupted. Unless you have friends or family who are willing to look after your cat while you’re away, your best move is to hire a pet sitter to regularly visit your home and ensure your cat is fed and played with, and that its litter is regularly changed. We’ll be able to keep your cat on its regular feeding schedule so that it’s comfort levels are as high as possible, and we offer 30-60 minute visits.
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Pet Boarding

New York Pet Boarding

When you’re leaving town, it’s important to make arrangements for the care of your pet. If you have a dog, a kennel may be your first thought, but we offer pet boarding services that are as personalized and caring as you’ll be able to find in New York.

Our dog boarding services are exclusive, very rare, and highly valuable. We never crate any dogs. The dog is brought into our home, and we offer pick-up and drop-ff services free of charge. Your dog has access to our yard at all times, and he or she will be walked twice daily.
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