Professional Dog Walking Services

New York Dog WalkingYour dog’s happiness is completely dependent upon healthy it is, and keeping your dog healthy means making sure that it gets the exercise it needs. Of course, in New York, it can be difficult to find time to walk your dog, and it’s unlikely that you have the space it needs in a yard to roam and to play. At NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC, we specialize in making sure that your dog gets all of the exercise it needs to be happy and healthy.

Most experts recommend that your dog gets to take a walk at least once a day, but with your busy schedule, that can be hard to pull off. Our Dog Walking services will make sure that you’re able to get your dog the most exercise possible, and that can have a number of benefits. When your dog is getting the exercise he or she needs, it can be great for its digestive system, its overall health, and its behavior.

If your dog seems to have low energy, or if it’s overly energetic or disobedient, our professional dog walker services can help!


Pack Walks


Pack walks are great for those dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs. Often, dog owners may think that their dogs are non-social, but pack walks can help them learn to love the company of other animals. By nature, dogs feel more comfortable in packs, so some of the clients we’ve had that have felt private walks are better have seen a change in their dog’s behavior after pack walks, and they’ve found that pack walks have turned out to be more suitable for their dogs in the long-run.

We typically walk between two and four dogs at a time, and we make sure that the dogs are compatible with each other. Our top priority is the safety of your pets, and when we’re walking a group of dogs through the streets of NYC, compatibility is a must.

We offer 30 minute and 60 minute walks, and we’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time.


Private Walks

If your dog (or dogs) are not comfortable with other pets, we also offer private walks. These are one-on-one walks with only dogs from your household. As we mentioned above, even dogs who seem unsocial often benefit from pack walks, so that’s important to consider when you’re deciding on the services you’d like to request.

These walks are also available in either 30 or 60 minute walks. Half-hour walks are recommended for smaller dogs, and full hours are recommended for medium to large dogs. Our past experience with clients’ dogs has shown that larger animals need more time to stretch their legs and exercise.


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