Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

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On April, 08, 2018

Health Benefits of Walking Your DogEveryone is aware that regular exercise is important for human health. And while many pet owners in NYC probably walk their dogs at least minimally to allow them to relieve themselves, it’s easy to overlook just how beneficial regular exercise can be for your pet’s health.

Here are a few of the greatest health benefits your dog can receive from regular walking:


Helps With Weight Control

An overweight pet is an unhealthy pet.

In addition to regulating your dog’s diet, you should do whatever you can to keep your dog as active as possible. This is the best way to ensure its always as healthy as possible.


Benefits the Digestive System

Regular walks can have major benefits to your pet’s digestive system. Walking your dog can help with anything from vomiting to constipation. A happy and healthy dog is a beautiful, sight, and this is one great way to keep your pet content.


Gets Rid of Bad Behavior

If your dog is chewing, digging, or scratching over and over again, wreaking havoc on your NYC home, one great to way to handle it is to make sure it’s getting enough exercise. Daily walks will allow your dog to get that all out of its system. Most of the time, these destructive behaviors are a side effect of restlessness, and having your dog walked regularly can go a long way toward getting rid of these problems.


Reduces Hyperactivity

If your pet seems to have too much energy—maybe you’ve noticed it’s easily excited, or it’s staying up all night and getting into trouble—the problem most likely comes down to a lack of activity. Hyperactivity isn’t a problem in itself, but rather a symptom of a pet who’s not getting the exercise its body needs. A walk will help your dog feel more relaxed and sleepy, and less restless, when it comes time for bed.


Helps Build Trust

If your pet is fearful, exposing it to the world more frequently can help to calm it down. Your pet will be exposed to all kinds of humans and animals, and it will become more comfortable with and more trusting of its surroundings.


Give Your Pet the Stimulation is Needs!

Maybe your dog is knocking down furniture, barking at the door, or jumping on people—just generally being unruly. Most likely, it’s not getting the stimulation it needs on a regular basis. Our dog walking services make sure to take advantage of the many different routes we can take in NYC, so your dog will see something new and get all of the stimulation it needs to be a happy, healthy, and fulfilled pet.


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