Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Dogs

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On March, 06, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions About Walking DogsAt NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC, we know how important it is that your dog gets the exercise it needs on a regular basis. If your dog isn’t walked regularly, it can develop major behavior problems as well as health issues. Of course, in NYC, your living space is most likely small, and if you’re like most, it can be difficult to make time in your schedule to walk your dog.

Of course, when new customers are thinking of approaching us, they often have at least a few questions about our services. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from people considering taking advantage of our dog walking services:


Why is it So Important to Walk My Dog?

Exercise is a very important part of your dog’s life. In the wild, dogs roam for miles every day, and they have a natural instinct to keep that up. Of course, all dogs have different levels of energy, so it might seem like your pet doesn’t have this drive. But most experts agree that even dogs with very low energy need at least one hour of continuous exercise each day.

Regular walking can also resolve major behavior problems. After your dog has been walked, it will be more receptive to training and behavior corrections.


What is Your Dog Philosophy?

We believe that dogs are animals who, while they can have great relationships with us, have very different needs than humans, and those needs have to be met if they’re going to live happy, healthy lives. We try to emulate the experience that dogs would have in the wild by walking them in small groups, over a long distance, and allowing them to migrate together with us as their pack leader. We’ll never spoil your dog, and we won’t overwork it either.


Can You Walk My Dog If it Has Behavioral Issues or Special Needs?

Yes. Dogs should be able to enjoy the company of other dogs, and we take great care in addressing these kinds of problems in order to make that possible. Most behavioral issues in dogs can be resolved with regular exercise and strong communication between other dogs and humans. We specialize in small, structured group walking, non-verbal communication, and maintaining the correct pack dynamic.


Why Should I Trust You to Walk my Dog?

  • NYC is a unique environment for dog walking. We are well equipped, however, to deal with the peculiarities of New York City throughout the walk.
  • We’ll communicate with you regularly about your dog’s progress and give you any important information we found while working with your dog.
  • We always treat you, your dog, and your property with respect.


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