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New York Dog WalkerYour dog is a part of your family, and making sure that he or she is happy and healthy is a major priority to you. One of the biggest factors in your dog’s happiness and healthiness is the exercise that it gets, and most experts agree that dogs need around 30-60 minutes of continuous exercise each day, so walking your dog daily is a necessity. Of course, it can be difficult to find the time to walk your dog every day, especially when you’re living in New York, but the dog walker services we offer at NYC Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC can help.

Our dog walker services began in 2012 when we noticed a need in the city for increased pet care. It’s simply too difficult for most people to juggle their busy schedules and also try to get their dogs the exercise they need on a daily basis. We can work with you, around your schedule, to walk your dog when you need it, and we offer custom services that are tailored to your pet.

Give us a call today to ask any questions you have about our Pet Care Services, or to schedule your appointment, and we’ll be looking forward to meeting you and your pet.


Benefits of Walking Dogs in New York

Most people are aware that humans need to have regular exercise to be healthy, but some pet owners assume that regulating their dogs diet and letting them out once in a while is doing enough for their health. But even if your dog is small and seems to have low-energy, it can benefit from regular walks of 30-60 minutes each day, depending on its size. Some of the benefits of dog walking include:

  • Weight control
  • Reduces hyperactivity
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Gets rid of bad behavior
  • Builds trust
  • Helps with socialization

Our dog walker services in New York can be private walks or pack walks, though we do like to point out that even seemingly unsocial dogs will most likely benefit from a pack walk. We offer either thirty or sixty minute walks. We also take safety into consideration before anything else, and we’ll be sure that your dog is compatible with the others before the walk begins.


New York Pet Sitting Services

When you’re leaving town for any reason or any period time, it’s extremely important that you have someone to take care of your pet. Our pet sitting services can be completely customized for you and your pet, so that you aren’t inconvenienced at all, and your pet can be as comfortable and secure as possible while you’re away.


What New York Homeowners Are Saying About Us

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We have known Lia since our boxer was a puppy. Now three years later, our boxer is absolutely in love with her and so are we. Our boxer is 80 pounds and very naughty and sometime temperamental. Lia knows exactly how to be with him and how to manage his mood in private at home and in public with other people and dogs. She is super reliable and always makes herself available for last minute needs. We do a lot of last minute travel and often need Lia to help us dog-sit over weekends - not even one time in the entire 3+ years has she not come through for us even with our changing schedules. Our boxer can't help but go nuts excited when he sees Lia come through the door. We are grateful to have such a loving and truly caring person take care of our baby.




Overall Rating: 5/5

| New York, NY



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